This is Titillating Dog Remix


I work in the tech change and this meme/amusing, very like each person else, has change into a visual representation of the chaos we are subjected to on the day-to-day. I had sought out to salvage something special for my coworkers and made up our minds I’d salvage my personal rob on this part. Here are the minute print of the changes I made as I wished it to extra closely resemble the amusing…


  • Added smile
  • Modified nostril some
  • Added the sunless strip to his hat
  • Modified his search shape
  • Modified his hands, making them extra natural
  • Added hands to rest in his legs like in the amusing (also helps with better printing)


  • Created a brand fresh unpleasant with carve-outs of the actual particular person items, which permits for tension fitting of printed items
  • Created fresh speech bubble that is the equal shape and font earlier throughout the common amusing
  • Added extra flames and changed composition for added visible affect

I printed this with a Bambu Labs X1 Carbon printer, the explain of a single AMS (permits for four coloration prints). There had been changes that I made to the slicer, but I’d furthermore no longer bag into these minute print as these items will fluctuate seriously on ride/slicers earlier.

I truly maintain just a few facts that can allow for MMU (multi-cloth) prints. Display masks that you just might presumably presumably should separate shells within your slicer to cease so.

I earlier PLA for all items (minute print and links below); also earlier trip PET-G because the head layer on helps for the flames which allowed for terribly luminous bottom layers.

  • BASE: Gloomy Glitter PLA
  • Speech bubble: Natural (trip), Gloomy, and White PLA
  • Chair/Table/Hat: Brown PLA
  • Mug: Stone Marble PLA
  • Dog: Tan, Gloomy, White PLA
  • Flames: Yellow and Orange PLA and trip PET-G for top layer of helps


  • Speech Bubble: In sigh to attain the follow live trip and the speech bubble outline to no longer lose or no longer it’s shape, I needed to actually leave the items separated throughout the Bambu Labs slicer but way them a chunk on top of 1 one more. So I truly maintain included the separate speech bubble items in the tournament varied slicers maintain the equal ride.
  • Fire turned into printed laying down, with the above masks of the explain of PET-G because the head layer on the reinforce.

Please recognize the Creative Commons licensing, as that is no longer accredited to be equipped in any format.


  • The a gigantic decision of flames are inserted through one corner first then pushed and rocked down through the assorted aspect in sigh to tension match into their respective areas.
  • I earlier Gorilla Glue Wise Glue to permanently adhere the items in way AFTER test fitment. Positioned appropriate just a few drops/minute line in every respective hole throughout the unpleasant as successfully as a minute dot on the bottom of the mug to adhere it to the table.

Hyperlinks for filament:

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