The Book Rental by Xykit

 A resting place for that book you are in the middle of reading. This 3D printable book holder / drawer cabinet can be made into a variety of configurations. Just keep it on your end table, night stand, or coffee table. Tuck your reading glasses in the cubby, and add some drawer stackers to store pens, a highlighter, the remote, or little trinkets nearby. The drawers are accessible from either side of the cabinet and come with two variants, with and without alignment top pins. Stack them up and let gravity hold them in place, or for a more permanent connection we recommend gluing the boxes together with super glue or epoxy.

The predominant foot print is roughly 175mm x 175mm, the peak will fluctuate reckoning on how many drawers you add and whether or not you order the shocking.

All pieces are positioned within the their supposed Wait on-Free printing region.

Pieces Included (for every and every .3MF & STL file forms):

Book Rental Tent (high triangle fragment)
Drawer Stacker Slender (x2, with and without high alignment pins)
Drawer Stacker Substantial (x2, with and without high alignment pins)
Drawer Slender (x2, divided and begin)
Drawer Substantial (x2, divided and begin)
Toes (x2, angled and straight)
Thumb Page Holder (x4, two sizes, and two hole variants)
Xyklip (for connecting toes)
The Book Rental and drawer stackers are all designed to slot in a form volume of 180mm x 180mm x 180mm

Designed to take care of books within the 6-9 in height differ.

Instructed FDM Print Settings:

Nozzle: .4mm
Layer Height: .2mm (keep reasonably time through the use of .24mm layer height)
Shells: 3
Helps: NONE

*digital recordsdata easiest, you’ll be capable to receive the .STL/.3MF recordsdata to 3D print these models your self

**Recordsdata/models for deepest expend, and field to our terms of expend at, verify out our provider provider program whenever you would maybe presumably maybe presumably even be drawn to promoting bodily 3D prints.

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