Terracotta Vases Amphora & Oenochoe


I lately designed a converse of primitive Greek vessels for a runt academic venture. Seems they work fantastically as flower vases, water containers, watering can, flower pots, at the same time as egg cups.

Right here the first two from my converse (loads more to scheme lend a hand even as you admire these):

  • An Amphora which modified into ragged one day of antiquity for transport and storage of liquids comparable to wine or olive oil (or this day as a vase for a single rose)
  • An Oenochoe, a fantastically shaped container essentially ragged as wine jug

FILAMENT. I lately found out this Terracotta PLA Filament, which they express incorporates 50%(!) powdered stone filling, is beautiful heavy and creates a matte, a minute stonish ground so looks to be and feels nearly admire accurate terracotta. Plus the printed layers form a gaze that intently resembles the bottom of clay fashioned on a potter’s wheel.

PRINTING. Seems this filament is surprisingly easy to print but requires significantly better printing temperatures than authentic PLA (I spend 220-230°C). Exhaust thick (around 0.2mm) layers to form a ground structure a lot like that created on a potter’s wheel, 30-100% infill reckoning on how heavy you need it to be. Print the amphora the opposite procedure up, the oenochoe as is. I print mine without helps but you may well also honest want to spend helps for the handles handiest (the internal of the vessels is designed so it would perchance now no longer need any helps). That you just may additionally scale the units to any dimension you need. I spend some low cost epoxy resin for sealing my prints (i.e. making them waterproof when I want to spend them as e.g. vases).

POST PRINTING (OPTIONAL). Somewhat sand the bottom even as you’d favor to coloration the vases. That you just may additionally spend any authentic acrylic colours for describe. Exhaust a transparent movie as varnish.

Expertise and at ease printing!

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