Artificial Intelligence

Simply put: No field in computing is as hot or heavily hyped right now as artificial intelligence. Once a science fiction dream, A.I. is now a big part of our everyday lives; whether it’s commonpla


When it comes to offer drones, Google’s Flit is miles above the opponents

Google famously laid out its mission as organizing “the world’s information [to] make it universally accessible and useful.” The search giant’s algorithms kneaded the web’s doughy data and metadata until it no longer resembled the lumpy experience of using the internet in the bad old days of Yahoo and Ask Jeeves, but rather a new…


Intel Is Patching the Patch for the Patch for Its ‘Zombieload’ Flaw

Over the last two years, security researchers have dug up one technique after another that lets a hacker trick Intel’s microprocessors into spilling a computer’s deepest secrets. As those flaws have been exposed, chipmakers have scrambled to patch them. But for one serious form of those attacks it turns out that Intel still hasn’t successfully…


Constructing High-Rises Out of Wood Can Support Set the Planet

The modern industrial era was literally built on steel and concrete, readily available materials that gave buildings the strength to stretch hundreds of stories into the sky. Unlike wood, steel and concrete don’t catch fire from a mere dropped lantern. Soon, city-razing conflagrations, like those of San Francisco in 1906 and Chicago in 1871, were…


Billie Eilish Cleaned Up on the Grammys

Hello, and welcome to another edition of The Monitor, WIRED’s entertainment news roundup. There’s been a lot happening in national and international news lately, so you’d be forgiven for missing the latest in the world of pop culture. Let’s get you caught up.Billie Eilish Pretty Much Swept the GrammysLast night, during a telecast that was…