First photos: Apple iPhone 11 to mimic the unique Galaxy Present

For the first time, the Apple Pencil can be seen together with the new iPhone 11. The official presentation of the smartphone at the iPhone Event 2019 will take place soon. Once again, it is a case manufacturer that anticipates an important innovation for the new iPhone 11. The pictures of Olixar’s new iPhone sleeves, which…


Android 10: Google within the ruin offers a popularity to Android Q

Google has finally confirmed the official name of the next version of Android. The new version will be called Android 10, known until now as Android Q. This news puts an end to months of speculation online. Google finally managed to surprise us, because we were all waiting for a dessert! Google took its time and…


Eminem’s publisher sues Spotify for unlicensed streaming

The Music Modernization Act, which is meant to simplify the licensing process for tech companies, allows them to license songs of unknown owners by placing them in a category called Copyright Control. The lawsuit alleges that Spotify placed Eminem’s songs, including the Grammy-winning “Lose Yourself”, in this category despite having full knowledge of the songs’…


Verizon enlists Boingo to abet it carry 5G indoors

According to a press release, “Verizon and Boingo are working together to architect a hyper-dense network designed for large and small indoor spaces.” In other words, they want to improve 5G indoors. Boingo is a logical partner, as it claims to have more than a million wireless hot


Google proposes fresh privateness standards to defend web buying files

To start, Google is looking at techniques that would only show that you’re a member of a group with specific ad tastes (say, laptops and polka) until it’s clear “thousands” of others are in that mix. It also wants to implement a “privacy budget” that only allows sites to make data requests only so long…