• triaxial-tourbillon-clock-contain/mods
    3D Printing

    Triaxial Tourbillon Clock Contain/Mods

    2/21/21 FYI, To keep more up to date with what I'm doing I started an Instagram page @mcmaven.pdx, where I'm posting some of my 3D printing and other designs that I haven't posted here. Triaxial Tourbillon Clock Build Notes: (Download…

  • notion-escapement-desk-toy
    3D Printing

    Notion Escapement Desk Toy

    This is a basic model of a swiss lever escapement, it could also be used as a desk toy. https://youtu.be/QnQ13NL3MFk I have always been fascinated by the inner workings of a mechanical watch, I have designed this model to understand…

  • greek-lumber-lamp
    3D Printing

    Greek Lumber Lamp

    Lamp with Ancient Greek meander patterns. Somewhat easy print since it's printed flat, and scalable to fit smaller beds. Instructions 1 Print. Part1 and part2 should be printed solid and with 2 walls. More details on this below. If your…