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About this mannequin:

I belief it would possibly well presumably be frigid to fetch a modular case for Submit-It notes which is able to sit down on a desk at a couple angles and permit for mark current printed stencil plates every time desired.

  • That is designed to suit a aged 3″ Submit-It present sheet block of 50 sheets, and the physique lid will hunch down when sheets are conventional.
  • The unfavorable would possibly well furthermore also be conventional in 3 positions: Flat, or on the shallow 21 or steeper Forty eight.8 degree angles. (that you can flip the sliders/physique around on the unfavorable to whichever angle you will need so the stencil continuously hinges lawful-aspect-up).

The manner to load the notes:

  • squeeze the unfavorable lid aspects and pull up – this might possibly occasionally pull off barely with out allege.
  • Put off the middle slider and the conclude slider physique
  • Situation current notes in
  • Keep the sliders and abet in and snap the unfavorable lid on the unfavorable.

Stencil covers:

  • I’ve incorporated 4 stencil covers for whisper, as successfully as a blank one so any one can invent a current one if they need – remixes are encouraged 🙂
  • Job list – easy test box with traces
  • Weekly calendar – practical to jot down a couple issues all the device thru the week
  • Graphing grid – practical for math, engineering, education, etc.
  • Paper Airplane maker – belief I’d encompass a fun one as successfully. 🙂
    • Foldable Flight is identified to fetch made a ton of awesome paper airplane designs, and this Submit-It one caught my stumble upon. This stencil is for the P-03 Rival. Birth by stenciling out the major folds and prepare his folding instructions:

Improbable Sticky Trace Paper Airplane! The manner to come by the P-03 Rival | Mini Paper Airplane upon?v=OI6eH20qHAQ

Printing advice:

I printed all the pieces at .2mm layer high; haven’t tested others but anything finer must work.


  • I conventional supports on the unfavorable, the unfavorable lid, center slider and high slider physique.
  • Mannequin orientation within the recordsdata I’ve incorporated is intentional to how I printed mine.


  • With all parts printed, snap the angle lock and angle stand pieces into the unfavorable. Produce definite the parts are cleaned up successfully and do not whisper more force than vital. They must dash in with barely push with any luck.
  • Situation some notes onto the unfavorable center
  • Situation the Top Slider Body around the notes
  • Now design the middle slider within the unfavorable recess
  • Add the unfavorable lid and snap it frivolously onto the unfavorable
  • Snap in a stencil cowl like you doubtlessly did with the angled stands.
  • Ride!
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