Small Toad Tapper!


Small Toad Tapper!!

Small Toad Tapper is a fun, keyboard swap-primarily based fidget toy. Simply click on the lovable toad for a luscious tactile skills.

MX swap (suggested: Kailh Navy Box switches for their sturdy, gratifying click on and heavy spring, nonetheless any MX swap should work).

The MX stem suits with a 90% success price. If the fit is simply too free due to below-extrusion, you are going to be ready to enhance it by adding a fragment of tape to the stem.

Printing Small print:
This mannequin is easy to print and requires no supports.
A premade brim for the MX stem is integrated and would possibly perchance perchance furthermore be without pickle gash off (gape pictures).

Print Settings: .12 Layer height, 15% infill, no brim, and no supports.

For Enhance and a commercial license for this mannequin, develop into a member of my Patreon:

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