Remaining Nut Knob Generator


Nut knobs are helpful for many functions in DIY projects.

The total utterly different knobs in the gallery are made with this Customizer.

I if truth be told maintain added some sample knobs for M3 nuts as there are most typical former dimension for 3d printer.
The screwdriver form out for traditional 1/4″ hex bits is indubitably a queer application, but it indubitably works enormous. Especially should always that you would possibly want to admire a extra little one on your mission.

If you obtained complications getting the knob in position, simply warmth up the nuts a runt (about 60-80 °C / 140-175 °F) and it without complications slips in position.

Please refer the instructions to behold the setting I if truth be told maintain former for the sample files.

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