Photography is something I have done more or less since 1990. Photographing and other technology has always been a great interest for me. Then, when it will also be people asking for pictures of me is always a little extra fun. The camera I have with as much as possible, even on my trips in my regular job. What I like most to photograph are animals, nature, motorsports and urban images. But even macro photography is a funny thing, this is where you will enter a completely different world. Industrial Photography is also one thing I do.


Haldex AB, Haldex Traction AB, BorgWarner Sweden AB
Industrial Photography.
Images for customer newsletters and internal magazine.
Photo documentation during construction of new factory. This mission lasted a few years.


Other Referenses:
LP Racing
TA Racing
Nissan S13 Drifting
Blackberry Boogie TD950
Hot Rod Ove