NASA confirms its home trash pierced Florida man’s roof

Will Shanklin

On March 8, half of home debris plunged by a roof in Naples, FL, ripped by two floors and (thankfully) overlooked the son of homeowner Alejandro Otero. On Tuesday, NASA confirmed the outcomes of its analysis of the incident. As suspected, it’s half of apparatus dumped from the International House Attach (ISS) three years previously.

NASA’s investigation of the object at Kennedy House Heart in Cape Canaveral confirmed it used to be half of the EP-9 pork up equipment historical to mount batteries onto a cargo pallet, which the ISS’ robotic arm dropped on March 11, 2021. The haul, made up of discarded nickel-hydrogen batteries, used to be expected to orbit Earth between two to four years (it ruin up the disagreement, lasting nearly precisely three) “earlier than burning up harmlessly in the ambiance,” as NASA predicted at the time. No longer rather.

The roof-piercing debris used to be described as a stanchion from NASA flight pork up equipment historical to mount the batteries onto the cargo pallet. Constituted of the metal al

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