I in actuality most fashionable the form of the dragon carried out here https://www.thingiverse.com/aspect: 570345 by muzz64 and opinion I would are trying my hand at making it flexi with both wings attaching with most efficient force. The wings linked for me obedient and are very onerous to settle assist out. I’m determined outcomes will vary relying on how successfully printers are setup.(I in actuality possess some elephant foot on my prints which will almost definitely be helping the match). Strive one fly and if it’s too free are trying printing at 101%.

Update: Rev B

  • Improved the clips to join the wings, They’ll be reasonably tougher to secure in nevertheless needs to be very onerous to settle out.(RevB no longer successfully matched with the foremost Dragon)I in actuality possess no longer been ready to grab the wings with out breaking one thing.
  • Improved the arch of the neck, his head must no longer level down as worthy. This could perhaps well perchance fluctuate from printer to printer.
  • Increased the scale of the hinges on the wings. This must impress them more sturdy.

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