• devo-vitality-dome

    DEVO Vitality Dome

    DEVO Energy Dome. One full size dome, and one small dome for your pets. The small dome has hooks on the inside for a strap. No supports required. ARE WE NOT MEN? WE ARE DEVO! "Oh Dad, We're all DEVO!"

  • the-book-rental-by-xykit

    The Book Rental by Xykit

    A resting place for that book you are in the middle of reading. This 3D printable book holder / drawer cabinet can be made into a variety of configurations. Just keep it on your end table, night stand, or coffee…

  • velociraptor-with-guitar

    Velociraptor with guitar

    Velociraptor con guitarra. Este es un mix para alumnos de guitarra. Es un pequeño juguete para regalar a os alumnos cuando consiguen un objetivo musical que acordemos. Velociraptor with guitar. This is a mix for guitar students. It is a…

  • loaf-cat

    Loaf Cat

    Loaf Cat! I have a series on Instagram Reels (@porlkkeem) where people request for 3D printed cats! Here is how I designed it (it's a Youtube Short): https://youtube.com/shorts/Vc2cSH0pBE4?feature=shared Additional Notes: ☆This is purely for fun. ☆I'm open to criticism :)…

  • submit-it-pro-organizer

    Submit-It Pro Organizer

    About this model: I thought it would be cool to have a modular case for Post-It notes which can sit on a desk at a couple angles and allow for new printed stencil plates whenever desired. This is designed to…