• ultimaker-robotic-supported
    3D Printing

    Ultimaker Robotic Supported

    Originally designed by Curt Roth, this Ultibot has been included as a standard file in a lot of Cura releases. It had been removed during a rebrand but it still has a special place in the heart of a lot…

  • dial-soap-bar-dispenser
    3D Printing

    Dial Soap Bar Dispenser

    This is a customizable dispenser for Dove bar soap. The included design is for 8 bar storage which is the largest that will print in an Ender 3. Boxes are loaded from the top and pulled out from the bottom…

  • cute-mini-octopus
    3D Printing

    Cute Mini Octopus

    Cute mini Octopus, articulated and printed without additional supports. It's designed so it can be printed at once. No assembly or supports required. Many different STL files, with straight or spiral tentacles, both with and without included support. UPDATE!! v6…

  • easter-rabbit-puzzle
    3D Printing

    Easter rabbit puzzle

    I've seen something similar on Pinterest and decided to design my own, with a more modern/cute and less cheesy design. The original size is pretty small for children and can be dangerous if they're swallowed, so I recommend printing at…

  • greek-plod-lamp
    3D Printing

    Greek Plod Lamp

    Lamp with Ancient Greek meander patterns. Somewhat easy print since it's printed flat, and scalable to fit smaller beds. Instructions 1 Print. Part1 and part2 should be printed solid and with 2 walls. More details on this below. If your…