• dial-soap-bar-dispenser
    3D Printing

    Dial Soap Bar Dispenser

    This is a customizable dispenser for Dove bar soap. The included design is for 8 bar storage which is the largest that will print in an Ender 3. Boxes are loaded from the top and pulled out from the bottom…

  • polar-undergo-with-seal-(automata)
    3D Printing

    Polar Undergo with Seal (automata)

    A hungry polar bear fails to reach the fish held in the naughty seal’s mouth. Everytime the polar bear tries to catch the fish, the seal will sink back into the water and tease the poor, hungry polar bear. In…

  • flying-sea-turtle
    3D Printing

    Flying Sea Turtle

    When the film spreads through the webs, it shows that a plastic straw pulled out from the poor turtle's nostrils, which used its misfortune to slightly change the world. Many people have begun to take the initiative about stop using…

  • porcupick
    3D Printing


    Introducing the 'Prorcupick'... or is it a Pickupine? This is a relatively small print of a fun little model that is sure to be a great 3D talking point once you've added approximately 150 toothpicks to make him a very…