Catapult Impressed By Leonardo da Vinci (remix)

I of route personal changed the “bucket” to be wider for bigger “projectiles” and added a thumb wheel of easy differ adjustment.

However the bigger redesign is the fulcrum. I split it into two capabilities to be printed more uncomplicated.
Now the hole for the axle goes now via the total arrive, so a longer threaded is foremost

EDIT 4/30/2019

As talked about below I managed to spoil/build on out the spring rather rapidly.
Hence I added a beefed up model. This is able to now now not be the engineering arrive of Leonardo as he had presumably no rating admission to to rubber bands. I use my catapult as an place of job toy and am subsequently now now not too alive to on historical accuracy.

P.S. I will have to revamp the spring and make stronger it. It suffered field fabric fatigue resulting from tightening the rubber bands to extra special, on memoir of I desired to extend differ and energy. Halt tuned!

P.P.S: Here is the customary: 3436588

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