• Dinosaur Book Ends

    Dinosaur Book Ends Brachiosaurs and Stegosaurus e-book ends for every dinosaur fanatic. Books no longer includ
  • Homer sponge holder

    I wished to recreate the Homer sponge holder featured on Cults3d.https://cults3d.com/en/3d-model/dwelling/bush-homer-sponge-holder Homer may perhaps also be printed in one color or as a lot as 4 colors (the brown face section gave the impression too puny to agree with a further layer, so I added it to the white layer;
  • Snack Sticks

    Here’s a easy mechanism I made for eating snacks whereas having fun with video video games, engaged on the pc, or doing other issues with my fingers.
  • Alice in Wonderland – Infantrymen Guards Playing Card

    The Playing cards Infantrymen from Alice in Wonderland Designed to be mounted on staunch having fun with cards All features may perchance well also moreover be printed individually to adapt the color. Create impressed by Reddadsteve work (nevertheless i’ve no longer his skill level on Blender, i birth modelling 2
  • Amusing toothpick dispenser

    Fashioned like a weightlifter athlete, this fun and sanitary toothpick dispenser is purposeful, appears to be like to be to be like silly consistently gets a smile. This dispenser will seemingly be a appropriate addition to the dinner desk. The lovable tiny man inner will pop up, conserving up a