• Letterboxd sells a majority stake after explosive pandemic-fueled command

    The film-centered social media plight LetterBoxd has fresh possession. Cofounder Matthew Buchanan introduced on Friday that Little, a venture capital agency, has equipped a 60 p.c stake in the platform. The Fresh York Times reported that the deal values Letterboxd at over $50 million. Buchanan and fellow founder Karl von
  • Cocoon is a terminate to-ideal puzzle game that all people must quiet play

    A beetle protagonist emerges into an superb making an attempt, lonely world. There’s no preamble, no textual snort material overlays; now not even a hurry of what you’re intended to attain subsequent. So, you go. After discovering your formula to a puny staircase, you topple, and the steps go into
  • Your phone will blare a national emergency alert test on October 4 at 2:20PM ET

    The federal authorities will behavior a nationwide alert test on Wednesday, October 4. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and the Federal Communications Price (FCC) will send notifications to mobile phones (as effectively as radios and TVs) to test the National Wireless Emergency Alert System and construct certain the map
  • UltiMaker rectangular bracket

    This segment grow to be as soon as created as a pattern segment by UltiMaker to display the price of 3D printing and it’s miles being shared in relate that customers of UltiMaker materials can skills that price for themselves utilizing the actual parts we now enjoy highlighted. The pattern
  • Cura Cookie Cutter [Cura 5.4 Orderly Brim]

    Unleash your creativity within the kitchen with Cura 5.4’s Orderly Brim characteristic. Now, constructing and printing your like custom cookie cutters has under no circumstances been more straightforward. Divulge goodbye to excess materials and uneven edges – thanks to the Orderly Brim’s effortless removal, you’ll carry out a neat, flawless