• Flexi-Dragon

    I in actuality most smartly-liked the vogue of the dragon performed here https://www.thingiverse.com/thing: 570345 by muzz64 and idea I’d are attempting my hand at making it flexi with each and each wings attaching with handiest strain. The wings connected for me substantial and are very laborious to expend back out.
  • Adorable Mini Octopus

    Adorable mini Octopus, articulated and printed without helps. It’s designed so it would maybe perhaps moreover be printed straight away. No assembly or helps required. 4 diversified STL recordsdata accessible: Octopus_v5.6.stl: No pork up added (employ your possess, appropriate for the mouth). Octopus_sup_v5.6.stl: Toughen added for the mouth. Factual sever
  • Easter rabbit puzzle

    I’ve viewed one thing identical on Pinterest and determined to kind my contain, with a more novel/lovable and less tacky kind. The brand new dimension is handsome miniature for young of us and would possibly possibly merely be unpleasant in the occasion that they’re swallowed, so I counsel printing as
  • At some stage in the English Civil War, Females Fought, Spied, and Defended Castles

    Pistols at the ready, Jane Ingilby sat in the hush of the fortress’s library, careful no longer to plunge her guard. All evening she watched her captive: a cavalry commander of rising acclaim named Oliver Cromwell. “I have confidence about Cromwell, who had most attention-grabbing won the real militia victory
  • El Pozo de Los Padrones (Successfully of Los Padrones) in Frontera, Spain

    On many islands, water is a precious commodity despite the incontrovertible truth that the land is actually surrounded by it. But original water is well-known for drinking, bathing, and irrigating crops. The amount of water vital mercurial provides up—what happens must you speed out?  On the Canary Islands, freshwater is